Some of the goals Bob Long believes in for Langley:

Council working TOGETHER to strive for the BEST for our communities.
I look forward to working cooperatively with the rest of council, being forthright and acting in the best interest of the community and its citizens.

Sustainable growth with the emphasis on WHOLE communities.
Communities need to be developed with an emphasis on public safety and pedestrian consideration as well as needed commercial and industrial development. There are great benefits to a properly planned community; "people places".

Comprehensive community planning. 
Council really needs to look at the needs of our communities and create and update our OCP's accordingly. The planning for Brookswood is a high priority and council has a chance to GET IT RIGHT!

Support for agricultural industries.
Ours is one of the largest and most active agricultural communities in the Valley. We have farms and farm related industries and a million-dollar equine industry. This important segment of our community needs continued support.

Arts & Culture.
A most important part of any community is how our citizens can celebrate together in arts & culture - Are we supportive enough of of our youth and seniors in this area?

Regional perspectives.
Looking at things from a regional perspective is important. We are not alone and many of the concerns of our citizens are the same as our neighbors'.